Celebrating 40 years of Banks & Shane!

For the past few years at our shows, as we have chatted with friends, old and new, we have become increasingly aware of the wonderful blessing given to us when we became Banks & Shane. We have a friendship and love between us that is stronger now than in 1972 when we started, and while we love all the guys that have played with us over the years, and have great respect for the musicianship and talent we have been surrounded with, the band we have now… Chuck, Jim, and Dennis… are truly our brothers.

But the greatest gift we have been given is the opportunity to play and sing for you. It has brought into our lives friendships that have spanned generations. You not only have supported us by coming to see us play, in so many cases you have welcomed us into your families. Many of our friends who came to the shows in the “Steak & Ale” and “Timothy Johns” days are now introducing their grandchildren to Banks & Shane. We could never repay what has been given to us by all of you, but hopefully, we can pass it on.

In an interview a year or so ago, I was asked a question about our so-called “celebrity” here in Atlanta. I wasn’t sure how to respond, and then it occurred to me what to say…
“I’m not sure we have fans at all, but we sure have made a lot of friends!” It’s true,
and we are so very grateful.

…We thought you might enjoy a few photos from a little party we had up at Lake Lanier Islands in August…